Electric mobility on water – the new motor from Torqeedo


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Torqeedo presents the latest highlight among electric motors for boats. The new Deep Blue 100i convinces with outstanding performance and versatile application possibilities. The 100kW powerful motor was specially designed for two different applications.

Not only on land electric vehicles have a lot to offer, with the new electric motor Deep Blue 100i one can advance completely without Co2 output. Boating Writers International (BWI) was also enthusiastic about this idea and promptly awarded Torqeedo the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Innovation Award 2019 for its new engine.


Source: floatmagazin.

Deep Blue 100i 2400

A variant 2400 was specially developed for fast gliding motorboats. In comparison to a combustion engine, boats with a low speed get into gliding faster due to the immediately applied torque. The name Deep Blue 100i 2400 is program, the total power of 2,400 rpm is generated by a low-maintenance direct drive of 390 Nm.

Deep Blue 100i 900

Yachts up to 120 feet, commercial ships, ferries, water taxis and displacement boats can confidently fall back on the heavy-duty version of the Torqeedo electric motor. The efficient drive of the slow-moving motor is achieved by the low speeds of 900 rpm and thus optimally equips the robust direct drive motor.

Torqeedo. Source: YouTube / Torqeedo.com

Increased energy storage capacity

The 40kWh strong lithium battery drives the 100kW deep blue engine and comes with a 30 percent higher energy storage capacity than its predecessor. With the latest lithium-ion storage technology, it is ideally suited for efficient and environmentally friendly driving. The associated battery is produced by no less than BMW in Bavaria.



The new motor inspires with innovation, energy efficiency and outstanding performance. In addition to its comprehensive range of applications, the new Deep Blue 100i engine in front of Torqeedo also features a powerful rechargeable battery. Last but not least Torqeedo announces with the new outboard engine Travel 1103 C the long awaited update for their proven outboard engine. With an amazingly low decibel number of 33, the volume of the boat is kept to a minimum, making it ideal for fishing. Since the beginning of 2019, the engine is also available in an Ultra-Light version for kayakers and anglers.

Torqeedo. Source title image: torqeedo.com.
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