Effective and fast training at home


IBS Publishing Team

Even within your own four walls, you can train effectively and find out what is most effective for your body without the need for spectators. No overcrowded gyms, sunshine or long journeys – we’ll show you how to train effectively and easily at home. That’s how it works!

Those who train at home save expensive membership fees, can train flexibly and solve the problem with the trip to the gym and back. Especially for beginners, training at home has decisive advantages: if there are still uncertainties – training in public, not everyone is happy – or if you do not feel completely comfortable. At home you can find out what you enjoy and which exercises are most effective for your body without any spectators or shame.

Another advantage of training at home: You can adapt to your bio-rhythm. Because your sporting performance is subject to fluctuations over time: Sometimes you are more motivated and fitter in the morning, sometimes in the evening. That’s why training at home is so effective, because you can adapt it flexibly to your daily peak form.

Source: youtube/ Bowflex

Home can also be outside

Exercising at home doesn’t mean that you only have to sit indoors. If the weather is nice, you can do an outdoor workout in the garden or on the terrace/balcony. If the heat is too high, a shady room makes more sense. However, if the temperatures outside fit, then get out with you and get some fresh air while training. An insulating mat would be helpful here, so that the floor is not too cold and too hard.

The 3 most effective home exercise

At least twice a week you should do a 20 to 30 minute home workout. If you have more time and your body has quickly got used to the training, you can increase the number of training sessions.

1. Squat Jumps:
Jumped knee bends are not only perfect for the buttocks and thighs, but also excellent to burn maximum calories in no time.

2. Plank-Variations:
Support exercises primarily train the centre of the body and deep muscles – ideal for an upright posture and a firm stomach. All body muscles are used here.

3. Push-up for beginners:
Start in a raised position by placing your hands on the edge of the bed or on a table. Gradually you can then reduce the raise until clean push-ups come out on the floor.

Source: youtube/ Bowflex


Effective training requires neither a gym nor expensive equipment. Too much space is also not necessary. Motivation, discipline and the right fitness exercises at home are crucial for training in the Home Gym.

 Source: YouTube / Bowflex