Will the DIN 33961 bring more safety to the gyms?


Germany is the first county in the world that has the official national norm that confirms the safety in the gyms: the DIN 33961. This norm determines safety needs for the equipment and the customer service.

The norm was made in 2013 and it has three parts. The complete title is “Fitness center – requirements to the fitness equipment and service” and thereby it’s focused on the customer service. It deals with the basic subjects, device-supported heart and circulation training as well as group training.

The gym now allows the standards to be tested and certified according to uniform standards by an independent testing body.

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Why is there the norm?

According to the employers’ association of German fitness and health facilities, there are around 8,000 fitness studios in Germany. The selection is so huge and it is difficult to choose among the huge range of offers the appropriate. Whether in the lower or the upper price segment, safety should always be in place and DIN 33961 was introduced. Certain standards must be met to meet the standard.

What does this mean for me as an athlete

If the fitness studio of my trust is tested according to DIN 33061, I can count on myself as an athlete to ensure that full safety is given. However, the exam is not a must. If a studio is to be certified, it is to be assumed that special attention is paid to security.

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Safety is at the heart of every gym and sports program. Thus, the introduction of a standard is a good idea, but unfortunately still hapert to the execution. Only very few fitness studios advertise with the introduced standard and even few sports enthusiasts is known.

  • The aim of the standard is to establish in Germany a nationwide network of gyms with certified compliance with the standard.