Denmark: Mads experiences FYN

(c)Mads Wollesen

Fyn is a Danish island in the Baltic Sea. With about 450,000 inhabitants, one may think that there is going on a lot. But the inhabitants of the island live in different cities, so you will notice on the coast not much of life. 

The island of Fyn, as it is called in Germany, is 85 km long and 60 km wide. Thus, you can travel quite comfortably from one side to the other, depending on how the wind blows straight. The special feature of this island is the fact that it is teeming with perfect Kitesurf spots – more than one for each wind direction.


Picture Source: Mads Wollesen

Mads Wollesen

Mads Wollesen


My personal favourite on Fyn was the spot „Fynshoved“. A small port in the far north of the island, where you can kite in the right wind direction in a beautiful and typical Danish scenery.


The easiest arrival is definitely by car . From Flensburg it is just under 1.5 hours and by car you are on the island simply the most flexible way.


You definately should sleep on a camping bus or in a tent. Officially it is not allowed in Denmark to camp wild, but actually you can find perfect spots all over the island. Or simply ask the locals to help you. Otherwise, there are also numerous campsites where you can stay for very little money.


Although it is located just 1.5 hours drive from my hometown Flensburg , it still feels as if you were in a completely different world . Green , sprawling hills crisscrossed by knee-deep fjords convey the impression of a filming location for the new Lord of the Rings movie.

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