INSPIRED EVENTS – Cooking Workshop Clean Eating


Our new InspiredBySports expert Christina Duvinage is a nutritionist and personal trainer. On September 12th, she hosts a cooking workshop on clean eating. It’s a cooking workshop, which means that it is not just about cooking, but also about the background and benefits of “clean eating”.

The cooking workshop with Christina Duvinage will not only teach you how easy it is to include clean eating into your everyday life with delicious and simple recipes, but also what processed food does to your health and what you have to consider when buying clean food.


In the 4-hour cooking workshop, the nutrition expert will explain everything about the benefits of clean eating. There will also be tips and tricks for the implementation of clean eating into everyday life. In the cooking workshop, all participants will cook a meal with organic, regional, and seasonal ingredients, according to the clean eating principles.

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Source of title image: Christina Duvinage


Christina Duvinage: “I think this issue is dear to me since I often experience how much better my clients feel when they switch to a “clean” diet”.