Cabrinha introduces innovative Kite


IBS Publishing Team

The Hawaiian kitesurf retailer Cabrinha is known for its innovative equipment and good quality. In the last couple of months, Pete Cabrinha and his team have designed a new kite that is perfect for freestyle, kite loops and high jumps.

The perfect kite for Freestyle

For over 17 years, Cabrinha has been dedicated to revolutionizing the world of surfing. The focus is always on the fun of sport and the urge to try out new techniques. The 2019 Cabrinha FX also follows this principle: With the new design, the glider is a perfect freestyle crossover and is therefore super equipped for the mix of technical tricks and massively high jumps. It offers not only enough slack for unhooked tricks, but also enough boost for big-air manoeuvres and hooked kiteloops.

Source: Cabrinha Kites

The new design does it all

The 2019 FX is based on a skeletal frame that gives the kite its shape. There are three struts that give the kite an optimal freestyle shape and make folding the kite very easy. Nevertheless, the High Tenacity Dacrons and the reinforcement on the fabric make the kite very resilient. The absence of a pulley bridle also makes the kite easier to steer. This means that fast maneuvers are no problem for the kite.

Many handy features

With the 2019 FX, safety is also an important aspect. Thanks to the 1X Security System, the kite immediately falls from the sky and will rest motionless on land or water, marked with the 1X pennant. In addition, you can set three different power levels using the steering lines, so that you can determine the speed and strength of the kite yourself. The kite basically offers a fast drift and catches the surfer quickly after kite loops or other tricks.

Source: Cabrinha Kites



The 2019 Cabrinha FX is the optimal kite for all those who like to experiment and those who don’t want to commit to one style. The freestyle crossover not only combines three different kite styles in one kite, but also offers stability and all the safety features a surfer could wish for.

This article is based on a press release by Cabrinha Kites.
Title image: unsplash/  David Troeger