“Butter By The Fishes”: A movie about kiting and friendship

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Five friends from Flensburg, Germany decided to go on a kitesurfing roadtrip through the UK before their graduation. The movie they shot throughout their trip motivates to start our own journey and go on adventures “without a budget, without a plan and without limits”.

Five Kiter on Tour

The IBS-expert Mads Wollesen kites since 2008 and, living in Flensburg, enjoys the opportunity to do so anytime. If you can’t find him on the beach, he is probably occupied with his studies in media and film. “Butter By The Fishes” combines both his hobby and his studies and shows him and his friends on a roadtrip.


The five friends are traveling in a caravan provided by Caravan Center Nord and are looking for the best kitespots in the UK. The movie serves as a travel diary and shows the boys kiting as well as images of the beautiful natural scenery.


Source: Facebook /Butter By The Fishes

Freedom and Adventure

A roadtrip provides a very special feeling of freedom. The benefit of traveling in a caravan is that you are not bound to one place only but can stop almost everywhere and enjoy the nature right away. That makes it possible to spontaneously kite on a flooded meadow next to some cows like the boys did. Altogether they drove 4000 km from Germany to Cornwall and Wales.

More important than the sport and being great at it is the friendship of the group and having the best time together. Through their editing and choice of music the boys succeed in motivating us to go on a journey ourselves. Maybe we will even have a barbecue with another local kiter like they did!

Source: YouTube / Mads Wollesen



Mads Wollesen and his friends prove that it isn’t neccessary to have a big budget and a masterplan to have a great time. Their hobby unites them and guarantees more roadtrips to come. We can’t wait for the next adventure and movie of the boys!

Source title image: Facebook/ Butter By The Fishes