British masterpiece: The new Range Rover Evoque


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It’s not just any car, it’s the great new edition of the popular Range Rover Evoque. The 2nd generation of the luxurious SUV impresses with fantastic design, comfort and even more technology! Read here why the new Range Rover Evoque is the perfect mix of luxury, technology and design.

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The first Range Rover Evoque opened our eyes in 2010 with its revolutionary design. 800,000 buyers worldwide confirm the great success of the premium SUV with its coupe-like silhouette. The new edition of the successful model also features the striking design: the steeply sloping roof line with rising window line.

But a new edition would not be a new edition if not some things were new!
So the British car comes with smoothed surfaces, more legroom and space in the interior as well as a larger, expandable boot, thanks to increased wheelbase. The headlights have also become narrower and the door handles have been recessed like on the Velar.

Range Rover Evoque Schlamm

That special car in a sporty look (Source: Land Rover Deutschland)

It’s not about looks, it’s about skills.

It’s new, looks good and can even do a lot of things! The 2nd generation Range Rover Evoque is ready for almost any outdoor activity. Four driving programmes such as “Comfort”, “Sand”, “Gras/Spotter/Snow” and “Mud” ensure optimum adaptation to the ground. Deeper water passages are also quite easy with a new wading depth of 60 centimetres.

Assistance systems are a top priority in the British Premium SUV. The HDC (Hill Descent Control), GRC (Gradient Release Control) and ATPC (All-Terrain Progress Control) off-road speed control make drivers happy.

In addition, innovative solutions such as ClearSight Ground View – the option of looking under the hood and in front of the car – and ClearSight Smart View – the option of using the middle rear-view mirror as a screen when the boot is fully loaded, which shows what is happening behind the car thanks to a camera on the roof antenna.

Source: YouTube / Land Rover Deutschland


The new Range Rover Evoque offers an incredible, comfortable driving experience both in the city and off-road!

Cover Source: Land Rover Deutschland