Bright 2016: The Streetwear Fair is entering the second round


WHERE: xxxxxArena Berlin
WHEN: xxxxxx19.01.-21.01.2016

Emerging trends, freaky clothes and relaxed young people. I went to the Bright 2016 in Berlin to get a better picture of the Streetwear Fair. Everything you need to know about the Streetlife 2016 is summarized in the upcoming paragraphs.


I spent 3 long days on the Bright and actually I wouldn’t have minded to stay a little longer.

The enormous offer of brands and goods was simply insane and didn’t seem to end anywhere. Since the new launch of the cooperation with Bright and Seek, the number of visitors coming to the event this year increased massively.

The synergy of fashion and street sport seems to work out perfectly this year and attracted thousands of visitors from all over the world. As compared to the last winter edition of the Bright, where around 30% less international people joined the event.


The Bright 2015 was already a great success. The portfolio included more than 250 brands, that presented themselves on 2600 qm. Who now believes it is rather quantity than quality is clearly wrong. A well designed supplier selection process that takes place during the year, guarantees a great assortement of brands.





Partys, Gigs and awesome performances

And for those who did not have enough with the wide range of suppliers, there were great events and shows where visitors face another form of entertainment. From music and art to an indoor skate area – the Bright 2016 offered the full package. Make sure you bring a great portion of endurance.


Also Street- and Lifestyle fans would have really enjoyed the event. With a special Barrel Jump Challenge and various Skate Video releases, everyone seemed to be satisfied.


The fair continued at night, when more than 900 invited guests went to the legendary LIDO Club for the fifth edition of the BRIGHT european Skateboard award. They danced the night away with Punk Rock and karaoke fun.


The dutch guy Daan van der Linden won the famous trophy, before he left for some great parties that were hosted by some well known VIPs like Carhartt, Obey, Converse CONS or


This summer, the Bright continues and I clearly can’t wait to be there again. I fully recommend anyone to take off a few days of work and join me on the 28th June in Berlin.


Stefan Gottwald


I was fully amazed by the arena Berlin. The location is quite old but the hosts Seek and Bright created a fantastic event at this spot. Skater boys meet fashion victims – an exotic but great experience.


What the Bright is about:


  • Modern lifestyle
  • Great mix of art, sports, music and fashion
  • Since 2015, the Bright is officially part of the Berlin Fashion Week

Skaters, Tattoo-addicts, fashion victims or fair freaks – the Bright is THE happening of the year for all the alternative ghosts of the fashion week. Besides the impressive location of the Arena Berlin in the industrial design, the fair offers huge space to connect, rummage and of course party hard.

Conclusion: You know what you are going to do in June 2016, right?

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