The best 360 ° cams for your winter 2016


If you havn‘t already noticed, Action Cams are erased from the wishlist of almost any sport enthusiast. Now, LG and Samsung are revolutionizing sports photography and film with some low-price 360* cams. Here are the ‘must haves’ for your winter 2016.

VR glasses are the big thing of the future? We claim this trend is already pretty real – right here, right now. Even McDonald’s and Coffee-distributor Tchibo now offer virtual reality.

But what about the right content? Where are the high-res vacation videos of your friends, the three-dimensional coverage of the latest snowboard trip to Switzerland? You already know the answer: There is no content, at least not enough, to use Virtual Reality correctly.


Tailwind from South Korea


Thanks to LG and Samsung, we experienced a real VR boom this year – the first cost-effective 360-degree cameras are available since summer 2016.

Both manufacturers offer their products for the broad masses, the demand is already gigantic.

We give you all the details to the newest 360-cams from LG and Samsung:

LG 360 CAM


With two 16 megapixels lenses the LG 360 cam provides sharp 4K recordings. The manufacturer has so far not lost a word about the aperture, but what we could experience up to now is a great resolution and full colors.

With three microphones, the LG 360 CAM can also record sound in 5.1 format. The internal memory can be extended by a microSD with up to two terabytes, the battery of the CAM is at 1,200 mAh. With a bit of luck, this is enough for a recording time of two or three hours.

The 360 CAM can also stream live on YouTube and Co. via WLAN.

Release Date: already released.

Pricing: from 150 euros

Samsung Gear 360


The Samsung Gear 360 also provides recording in 4K, two 15 megapixel cameras with f2.0 aperture each are built-in.

The 360-degree camera is specified to be waterproof, a slot for microSDs and can be attached to a standard GEWINDE on each tripod.

With a 1,350 mAh the battery of the Gear 360 is even a little larger than the one oft he LG 360 CAM. How this affects the actual recording time is uncertain up to now.

The biggest drawback so far: The Gear 360 still relies on the obsolete USB 2.0 standard for data transmission. What that means? For 4K videos, the transmission rate of your files may take a long time.


Release Date: already released.

Pricing: from 350 euros


Picture source: Evernine


Ihr lest am Smartphone? Dann checkt direkt dieses 360-Video von Samsung!

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VR glasses made of cardboard from McDonald’s and Tchibo? Virtual Reality has already arrived in the mainstream. Now there is finally the right content! LG and Samsung make the start and offer a virtual line-up of VR goggles and cams to the current smartphone flagships! We believe: In the virtual world, we look forward to really watch sports clips!

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