Base Jump from highest waterfall in the world


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The Polish Basejumper Pawel Janowski jumped from the highest, uninterrupted waterfall “Angel Falls” in Venezuela and shows the breathtaking video of his helmet camera!

Breathtaking Base Jump from Angel Falls

Base Jumping- not a sport for everyone. Because you have to be very brave let yourself fall from a platform hundreds of meters high! This time Pawel Jankowski jumped not “only” from a building or a bridge, but from Angel Falls in Venezuela, which is the highest free-falling waterfall on earth with 979 m fall height.


With his friends Dariusz Pachut, Dimitri Wika and Jan Wierzeiski, all from Poland, he embarked on this exciting adventure. Breathtaking footage from his helmet camera shows him jumping off the cliff, flying in the air and enjoying the amazing scenery! You’ll get thrills from watching!

Salto Angel Venezuela

Angel Falls Waterfall. Source: Youtube/ 360 video AirPano

A unique project

The group of base jumpers just started with this waterfall. Within three years they want to visit the ten largest waterfalls all over the world and make base-jumps from them. For the start of the extraordinary “Slide Challenge” project to be unforgettable, the first waterfall had to be the highest. The project is so far the only one of its kind in the world.

The impressive video!

The helmet video captures the unique moment when the Polish base jumper jumps from the top of Angel Falls and glides into the air. A short time later he pulls the cord of his parachute and flies over the jungle of Venezuela! In addition to the helmet video, the video of the drone also show the incredible spectacle.


But only a hundred meters before landing he noticed that there was no suitable place for it. So he had to make a rough landing in the middle of the jungle bushes. But he had managed this unbelievable base-jump and was accordingly happy together with his friends who were still standing on top of the waterfall.

Source: YouTube / Let me Trend


We wish the base-jumpers an exciting trip around the world and are happy about these fantastic shots of Pawel Jankowski’s incredible jump!

Source: Unsplash / Lane Smith