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Artificial intelligence as the foundation for the right running shoe


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Artificial intelligence has already become an integral part of our everyday lives. AI-supported applications are also finding their way into sports. A start-up has now developed a tool that helps runners choose the right shoe.

For decades, athletic shoe manufacturers have been developing new innovations and better items. Today’s running shoes are real high-tech devices in terms of stability, shock absorption and general performance – and the material list of the products also seems more like that of a Formula 1 car, with carbon elements and all the trimmings. It is therefore more than surprising that the number of athletes injured each year in the leisure sector has remained relatively constant over time. Around 80 percent of the more than 17 million runners in Germany are injured every year.

The explanation for this is obvious: Although the shoes are always better, the physical performance of the users decreases in the same period. In addition, running shoes are not individually customizable, but comparatively few models have to fit everyone. This is where the start-up Motesque comes in and has developed an intelligent tool that uses AI to recommend the right shoe for runners.

AI solution for retail and e-commerce

Until now, amateur athletes have had to rely on their chosen specialty store to provide the right expertise to help them find the right sports shoe. However, there are hardly any trained specialists left and even they can’t know every model from every manufacturer.


A database with all available information about shoe, material, performance, etc. can help. Even better if this database also contains biomechanical data from 180,000 runners and can thus be used as comparative values. Based on this database, the software developed by Motesque recommends the most suitable shoe for the individual user. The program works in both retail and e-commerce.

Data analysis for the individually fitting shoe

The application first requires personal information about the customer, which is collected by means of a questionnaire. In the retail sector, biomechanical parameters are then recorded via sensors on the feet, knees and hips and an initial test of two shoe models is carried out. In e-commerce, the software uses two photos, one from the front and one from the side, to create a 3D avatar that then virtually tests shoe models in the cloud.


Based on the data obtained, the tool matches the existing database of shoe models and picks out the most suitable. And with each recommendation, the amount of data grows, enabling ever more accurate results. In the future, it is conceivable that completely customized shoes could be produced using 3D printing. At the moment, however, projects in this direction are not yet profitable.

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Finding the right running shoe is usually difficult. This is where the start-up Motesque comes in and has developed an intelligent tool that recommends the right shoe for runners with the help of AI.

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