The reason why Aqua Cycling is perfect for your health & fitness


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At Aqua-Cycling one or the other may think of times long gone. In the 1980s underwater cycling already experienced a hype. You can find out here why more and more people nowadays swear by aqua cycling.

At least in Germany it won’t be easy to free Aqua-Cycling from its somewhat dusty image. But it definitely shouldn’t be! Because the underwater wheels are a great way to get fit. Here you can find out what makes Aqua-Cycling so recommendable.

1. High fat combustion

Cycling on land involves much less muscle tension than cycling under water. Aqua-cycling is therefore a true calorie and fat burner.

2. Joints and ligaments are spared

Driving under water has another decisive advantage. As the body is almost weightless under water, tendons, ligaments and joints are spared. This should also make aqua-cycling interesting for rehabilitation patients.

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3. Tissue becomes tighter

The immune system is also happy. Because the body gives off more heat in the water than the body does in the air. That is why it is strengthened by the temperature change.

4. Fourth muscle soreness, Adé!

That may be particularly interesting for many. In the water it is almost impossible to get sore muscles. This is due to the fact that different muscle groups are alternately stressed in the water.


The advantages of Aqua-Cycling are numerous. Aqua-Cycling is the perfect fitness trend for people who want to get fit quickly and still value to protect their body.

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