Andreas Ziörjen explains in his new book about Yoga-Nidra


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Yoga is now part of the western world like ice in summer. More and more people are getting infected by the yoga fever and are thrilled. Higher concentration, increased body awareness and a healthy mind, yoga offers many advantages. But if you now think that it is a relaxed sport, without much effort – wrong thought. The Yoga-Sports can be really exhausting. Especially the sore muscles the next day are evidence of a high physical effort.

For experienced yoga professionals or beginners there are lots of yoga techniques, which all work differently and address other parts of the body and mind. The good thing about it is, that even for long-term Yogis there is always something new to discover.

The man behind the book

The new Yoga-Nidra book by therapist and Yoga teacher Andreas Ziörjen called “Let go with Yoga-Nidra”. There is something for everyone in the book. Yoga lovers who want to delve even deeper into the subject will find helpful tips for dealing with yoga Nidra in the long term. But also fans with less time will find numerous tricks how to achieve absolute relaxation in only 30 minutes of training per day. Whether beginner or advanced, in the new book by Andreas Ziörjen every yoga level will find the right yoga exercises. Enclosed is a CD which enables a guided yoga session.


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Sankalpa – Will, intention, resolution, is considered the guiding principle of Yoga Nidra that was developed in the second half of the 20th century, by yoga master Satyananda Saraswati. This special Yoga philosophy is based on a combination of deep relaxation and meditation exercises. The word comes from Sanskrit and means nothing less than “sleep”.

With the relaxation exercises one wants to achieve exactly that, the physical, mental and spiritual activity should come to rest. The Nidra philosophy wants the brain to be brought into a completely conscious state of calm. Thus stress, nervousness and difficult feelings are to be reduced. In contrast to normal sleep, Yoga-Nidra should be more beneficial, heal illnesses and lead to a higher level of consciousness. Self-knowledge as a source of inspiration can also be achieved in just 30 minutes of practice.


The book by Andreas Ziörjen introduces the exciting topic of Yoga-Nidra with practical tips, a detailed introduction and a well comprehensible way of expression. In just a few minutes of training per day, stress can be reduced and the subconscious can be strengthened.

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This article is based on an article from & Swami Satyananda Saraswati.