Andreas Müllner in talk: “The best moments: when you’re sitting in the line-up with friends”


IBS Publishing Team & Andreas Müllner

Andreas Müllner is always looking for the perfect wave. He discovered his passion for surfing during his internship in Ecuador. Since then a life without a surfboard is unimaginable for him.


In an exclusive interview, Andreas reveals how he discovered his love for surfing, which surf hot spot awakens the most beautiful memories and which things shouldn’t be missing on a perfect surf trip.

InspiredBySports: How did you get into surfing and what makes it so special for you?


Andreas: My passion for surfing in Ecuador was really ignited, after I made several trips and climbed six thousand meters, surfing was on my list. One day surfing course in Montanita was enough to inspire me! Since then perpetually stoked! There is no sport in the world that gives you this feeling of freedom and flow on the water. Furthermore, surfing is one of the few sports that takes you to the most beautiful and untouched places in the world and you can get the most fun and stoke out of it with the minimum of equipment.


I am also fascinated by living in a simple accommodation and living together with the locals, who usually own very little and from whom we Westerners can learn a lot about happiness. I myself am a big fan of the minimalist lifestyle.

An exciting surf trip to Portugal.  (Source: Andreas Müllner)

What surf trip do you remember best and why?


Andreas: To my last surf trips to Portugal, West Africa and Indonesia and to my beginnings. But most of all I remember the 4 months Indonesia last year. Every week at least one Surfbuddy accompanied me, who had the same route as me in his head and was very uncomplicated with the selection of the surf spots.

The warm water, boardshortsurf, Nasi Goreng and the three best barrels of my life in Java and on the Mentawais made the trip unforgettable, while earthquakes and tsunamis in Lombok also contribute to why this trip will stay in my memory. 


WOW, that sounds great and frightening at the same time. What was your most beautiful surfing moment surfing besides your experiences in Indonesia so far?


Andreas: Of course, driving a barrel, disappearing completely and against all expectations shooting the Spit out of the barrel remains in my memory because it is the best feeling ever. I also like to remember this one sunset session. I sat in the lineup with very good friends from Brazil while the sky turned bright red through the sunset and dolphins swam around the surfboards. The best moments can only come when you sit together with friends in the line-up, enjoying such moments alone is only half as nice!


That sounds breathtakingly beautiful! What do you do on days with bad swell, which hobbies do you have besides surfing?


Andreas: If there aren’t ideal conditions on surf trips, I still jump into the water a few times, because you also learn a lot during onshore surf sessions and it’s really worth jumping into the water every time. Surfing isn’t just about the waves, there’s so much about what makes the vibe. It also depends on the length of the trip, after a week of perfect waves you become “surfed-out” sometime and you are really happy about a Lay Day. I like to read a book or watch the other surfers in the lineup. What’s also great is shopping at the fish market and then barbecuing in the afternoon and drinking a few beers with friends. My hobbies besides surfing are ski touring and powder skiing in winter and mountain biking and mountain climbing in summer. And apart from sports: go with friends to the Isar, swim in the Ammersee or enjoy leisure time in the beer garden.

Enjoying his free time with friends is very important for Andreas. (Source: Andreas Weiss)


What is your favourite spot where you do your hobby and what makes it so special?


Andreas: It’s the Eisbach. The special thing is that there is no comparable wave in the centre of a European city of the same quality, which for me is only 10 minutes away by bicycle and which can be surfed 365 days a year 24 hours a day. Furthermore, surfing on the Eisbach is almost CO2 neutral, as most surfers go there by public transport or by bike and compared to sea surfing they are incredibly sustainable! However, this could exist in any city and so during my studies in Innsbruck I founded with friends the initiative “Eine Welle für Innsbruck”, which aims at creating a standing wave in Innsbruck. Just have a look at our Facebook or Instagram page. A surf session at the Eisbach is for me equal or even better than many of the sessions at the sea when wind or waves don’t play along. Because the Eisbach almost always works, the journey is short, you meet friends and exchange ideas in the community. In addition, a standing wave is a clear added value for every city, for its citizens and for tourists.


Last question: If you are a day at the water, what 5 things should you not miss?


Andreas: friends, a quick 1st breakfast before the first Dawn Patrol session, a second extensive breakfast between first and second session, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner and of course Sunset Beers.


If you want to learn more about Andreas, you can also get inspired by his exciting trips and adventures around the world on his personal YouTube channel or his blog.



We wish Andreas all the best and above all great new experiences and surf spots. Of course we are happy to have him as an expert in the InspiredBySports community..

Source Cover Picture: Andreas Müllner.