Pure nature – Alster Hamburg


The Außenalster in Hamburg is a magnificent place to do some exercise. Not only the jogging around the lake is inspiring (8 kilometres), but also the small exercise trails motivates all the sport addicts to work out. If you convince yourself to go for a run, you will experience nature pure in the center of the city – every day!

There is no doubt – jogging is definitely the best option at the Außenalster. The soft sandy soil along the entire route offers gentle pressure in a beautiful environment.

Truly amazing are the small exercise trails which you can find at almost every corner. There you can do different strength exercises like pull-ups, push ups or gentle back exercises. Any sports enthusiasts shall be satisfied by these trails.


Yngve Roos


The early morning hours are exceptional beautiful. You can watch the first SUPlers or scullers on the water and enjoy the warm sun rises – a promising start to each and every day! Insider tip: Go for a run even when the weather is bad – it is not going to be crowded by people and you can still enjoy the amazing nature right in the city centre.


A jogging track like this can be also  found elsewhere. However, the “Außenalster” is a special alternative. You can start wherever you have direct access to the lake, as the track is a circle. Depending on your physical fitness, you can run more than one round or stop by at one of the exercise trails.


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The magnificent and well-groomed surrounding environment is motivation pure for any kind of activity. The municipality of the port city has thought of everything. Water dispensers along the way make sure you won’t dehydrate and the exercise trails are well equipped with easy explanations for each of the single devices. It is nice to see how many groups get together to go for a run or to do freeletics together. All in all, a great combination that makes this place simply special.

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