6 Things Every Swimmer should have done

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For most people, swimming is merely a leisure sport. Yet for true and dedicated swimmers, swimming is a relaxing yet hard sport. We came up with a list of six things every swimmer should have accomplished in their swimming career.

Swimming – a great sport for your stamina

Swimming is an underestimated sport. Most people do not know how strenuous and exhausting some laps in the pool can be. You only get to know that feeling when you train regularly and with dedication.

However, not every swimmer has accomplished his or her sport completely. We have created a list of things we think every swimmer should have done in their lives at least once.


Source: unsplash / Quino Al

Learn every swim style

Breaststroke and backstroke are the most basic swim styles which every swimmer should know. Also, when it comes to swimming longer distances, most swimmers resort to freestyle since it is allegedly the fastest style. Yet, most people forget about the butterfly stroke, which is strenuous and needs good coordination. Every true and dedicated swimmer should however know and master all swim styles, which is why it is worth one’s time to practice the butterfly stroke as much as the other ones.

Dive 25 metres long

Diving seems not so relevant for swimmers, yet in the learning process it is highly important. Most children have to master 10 or 15 meters of diving to pass the swimming test. And dedicated swimmers should easily be able to dive at least 25 meters. If you are not capable of doing that, we suggest you start practicing now!

Participate in a swimming competition

This seems needless to say for some swimmers, but when you are not part of a swimming club, participating in a competition is not that easy. Even if you can get someone to time your laps, the feeling of adrenaline rushing through your veins on the day of a competition remains absent. So just register in a swimming club and let the adrenaline hit you in competition!

Practice your flip turn

The flip turn is the most easy way to turn at the end of a lap. Competitive swimmers would not think of just normally turning as it takes so much more time. In addition, the turn flip is probably the most elegant turn for a swimmer. So it is definitely worth your time to practice the flip and maybe bring down your time for 50 meters by some milliseconds.

Participate in a 24 hour swim competition

Long distance swimming is known to be very hard on our bodies. In a 24 hour swimming you can test what your body and mind are capable of and push yourself to new achievements. Since it is not the distance that matters, but how continuously you swim, you can swim in your own time as long as you swim for 24 hours. Do you accept the challenge?

Compete in a triathlon

For every triathlete, swimming is the most hated discipline. Consequently, for a swimmer, this discipline should not be that hard. The challenge for them is rather the running and cycling. Yet, with a little bit of training and will to succeed, every good swimmer can compete and finish a triathlon.



What do you think? Have you done all these six things already? If not, we suggest you start practicing now. Not only can you tick those things off your list afterwards, but you gain new experiences and learn new things about your body.

This article is based on an article by Swim.

Title image: unsplash / chrissie kremer