5 reasons not to do yoga today – or do you?

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IBS Publishing Team

Practising yoga every day is good for your body and mind, everybody knows that. Only today it doesn’t quite fit into my schedule… We have collected 5 really good reasons for you why you really can’t do yoga today… Or maybe you can?

Reason 1: Always put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

Many people tend to put things off until the next day. But when we postpone something to “tomorrow”, it often becomes “never”. If you’re honest, this constant postponement doesn’t do you any good. There’s nothing more satisfying than ticking off one item from the to-do list. So how about you just do it right now instead? Whether in the office, on the subway or at the restaurant? Just meditate for a few minutes or try some breathing and stretching exercises – you will notice how good these little exercises are for you!

Reason 2: Back pain is currently bearable

We often make compromises. A “must be” is easy to say. But if you are completely honest, you have already crossed the line. Because if you’ve been going through your days exhausted and frustrated for a while, it’s time to make a change. Every day counts: Allow yourself a few minutes of yoga per day – within a few weeks you will not only get rid of your back pain, but also regain more energy.

Source: unsplash / Christopher Campbell

Reason 3: It really doesn’t fit into my schedule today

We often confuse this statement with: “I have so much stress so let’s have a look at my mobile phone while the new episode of my favourite series is running on Netflix. Unfortunately, there’s no time for yoga today.” The fact is: Watching Netflix/eating pizza/reading celebrity news does not reduce stress. What really helps: Yoga. Just 10 minutes a day is enough.

Reason 4: I am not able to get emotionally involved with yoga today

Okay, that’s the excuse we’re most likely to accept. Because it’s logical: When you’re stressed, you really don’t want to make another appointment, an obligation. We have to change our minds here: Yoga is not an appointment, not an obligation – but your short vacation, your oasis of well-being. It will be worth the effort. And your stress will fade away, or at least become less.

Reason 5: I still have to do the laundry/the household/work

Every year brings new projects, new challenges: First school, then studies/training and finally the career, oh then marriage and children while building a house. Don’t let it get to that point. No matter what stage of your life you are in, never neglect your body and mind. Especially in challenging phases. Because if you practice yoga regularly, flow really comes into your life!

Source: YouTube / YogaWithBird


Even on super stressful days you can spare 10-15 minutes to do something good for your body. So, roll out your mat and do yourself a favour by practising yoga! NOW!

Source title image: unsplash/ CATHY PHAM