10 Breathtaking Runs 2016


Most runners enjoy to fully relax and escape their daily worklife when going for a run – Reaching ones limits and feelings, completely exhausted after the tour. This is what most runners keep on running. But what can not harm any sport addict: a reachable objective. The following marathons are definately worth the long journey.

The InspiredbySports editors team summarized the most inspiring marathons, for which we recommend to take off a few days of work to make this year full of unique moments.




Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris, 03rd April 2016: The city of love is going to become an indigineous sport experience.


Maratona di Roma, 10th April 2016: All roads lead to Rome and its marathon takes the runners through the beautiful streets of italians capital.


Big Sur International Marathon24th April 2016: Your soles are definately going to burn of the heat when jogging on the coast of California.


Great Wall Marathon21st May 2016: With more than 5,164 stairs, this run in China is great a challenge for any expert.


Big Five Marathon25th June 2016: Elephants, rhinos, buffalos, lions and leopards – The “Big five” are waiting for you in South Africa.


Missoula Marathon, 8-10th July 2016: The marathon in Montana, US is famous for its breathtaking surrounding nature scenery.


BMW Berlin Marathon25th September 2016: Different runs through the german capital – there is something here for any athlete.


New York City Marathon6th November 2016: WIf you have never been to New York before – make sure this time you bring also enough sports enthusiasm for the marathon.


Athens Marathon13th November 2016: Not owls, but runners get attracted by Athens.


Antarctic Ice Marathon, 24th November 2016: For all joggers who don’t mind the cold and snow.

IBS Publisher

Motivation is needed for big running events – it’s easier to have one, when running through a nice scenery!

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